After writing about what I like about being a CFP, I asked a few people around what they like and dislike about their jobs. Here are their answers:

Name: Frugal Trader

Blog: Million Dollar Journey

Occupation (past): Electrical Engineer

What he has to say about his job:

I’m trained as an Electrical Engineer, which took 6 years of University training in NL (MUN).  The reason for the length of the program is because it incorporates 2 years of co-op work experience.  I worked as Electrical Design Engineer for 6 years post graduation.  Career advancement opportunities are good, the work is challenging and can be fun at times.  The downsides, depending on the person, would be that working in a purely technical field can grow tiresome and most end up moving into the business side of Engineering eventually.

Name: Stew

Blog: Gather Little By Little

Occupation: full-time college soccer coach

What he has to say about his job:

There are many aspects of my job that I enjoy. First, I like competition. In fact, I like competition more than I like soccer – always have. I enjoy the relationships that are built through sports. I enjoy that my job is different almost every day. However, he has to work crazy hours: There are days when I get home as early as 2 or 3 pm and days when I do not leave the house until 11 am.

You can read his full post at Pros and Cons of my real job.

Name: Kerry Taylor

Blog: Squawkfox

Occupation: Writer

What he has to say about his job:

I write about resumes only.  I keep my disdain for my former job out of my blog. I do miss the health benefits though.

Name: Jeremy and Madison

Blog: Generation X Finance and My Dollar Plan

Occupation: They are both Full time bloggers (they are not together, but I had 2 people who think the same way about their job).

What he has to say about his job:

I like not having a job:) (I wish I could say that someday!)

Name: Neal Frankle

Blog: The Wealth Pilgrim

Occupation: CFP (just like me!)

What he has to say about his job:

I am a Certified Financial Planner. I love helping people make smart decisions about their money so they can just enjoy their lives more. I don’t like it when people make dumb mistakes or just ignore their finances. They give up way too much when they don’t have to.

My experience is a BA in Business/Accounting and passing the CFP exams and classes. My job requires me to help people with:

estate, retirement, education and financial planning

Name: Craig

Blog: Money Help For Christians

Occupation: Christian missionary to the third world

What he has to say about his job:

I love the fact that my work is making a lasting difference in the lives of people.  Some people say they feel their jobs are meaningless – shuffling papers.  However, working according to my faith is extremely gratifying.  At times living overseas can also be difficult.  As one of the few expatriates living in town, our family is often stared at.  Feeling like a celebrity is not for me – too much public attention.

In my case, I am self-employed.  My regular activities include teaching the Bible, leading worship services, and family counseling.  Different churches and religious groups have their own requirements regarding required education and experiences.  I’ve been working as a minister for over ten years.  Some of that has been in the US and some overseas.  While some churches do not have any educational requirements,it is not unusual to require the applicant to be a seminary graduate.  The Masters of Divinity (M-Div) is an 84 hour masters degree program.  In most fields of study you can get a PhD in the same time it takes to get an M-Div.

What about you? What do you like or dislike about your job?

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