Congrats on finding your first job! It’s the first step in your career. As you grow at your company, you may realize that it’s time for you to consider a promotion. As hard as you work, it’s not something that just comes automatically. With intense competition in some companies, you have to be on top of it to get ahead. I’ve included some practical confidence tips that can help you shine at your job and move up your career ladder.

Confidence Tips to Get a Promotion

Building confidence in your work is not done by thinking positive thoughts- it’s based on actually developing the skills, network, and leadership you need to become more valuable to your boss.

Develop New Skills

Don’t be content with what you know currently. Look for ways to pick up essential skills that future jobs require. Check with your coworkers to see what software they use to complete their work. Informally interview your managers. For example, do they mention how they wished there was someone who could write JavaScript in house. Furthering your career means furthering your education, which is not limited to attending classes. Depending on your learning style you may pick up skills on your own or with a mentor’s help.

Find Challenges to Lead On

Fast Company’s article, Getting Promoted Without Promoting Yourself, has some great information that busts some career myths people have – including just excelling at the job you have can get you a promotion.

Promotions are extremely dynamic: new positions are created, existing positions are reinvented. Sometimes the position is so new that the hiring manager can’t fully define it — so he hires someone who seems to qualify and then lets the candidate define the job.

“When we started interviewing people, a lot of them would say something like, ‘My situation isn’t all that standard. They created a job for me,'” says Ruderman. “There’s a tremendous amount of customization going on at the upper managerial level.”

Don’t wait for an opening to be announced. Find a project that you’re passionate about and one that can be a big benefit for your company.

Build Your Network

Sometimes the best promotions are not where you’d expect them to be. Build a network across department and keep an ear peeled to any possible openings that interest you. Remember to build your network before you need anything. Reciprocate when appropriate and pitch in when you can. Having a reputation for helping others can pay off when they return the favor and speak of your talents.

Thoughts on Getting a Promotion

I hope these confidence tips can help those looking at getting a promotion. It does take work and time, but it’s well worth it. For those who already have received promotions, what tips do you have for college student and graduates going into the ring? What helped or hindered you?