As a personal finance blogger, money of course comes up a lot in my life. I think about money nearly all of the time. However, even though I think about it all the time, it does not mean that money controls my life.

Lately, I have been feeling very “rich.” No, that does not mean that I am actually rich, I am far from it. However, my student loans are gone, and I also recently switched to self-employment. Life seems to be going very well, I couldn’t be happier! My goal in life is not to have millions of dollars, instead I want to feel wealthy, which many people have varying definitions for.

For some, being wealthy might mean lots of cars and a huge mansion, but for me my definition is far from that. I’d rather enjoy the little things in life and gain new experiences with those that I love.

Here is what being rich means to me:

Not having to worry about my next paycheck

One big thing that being rich means is that I do not have to worry about where my next paycheck is coming from. Yes, I do still care about that next paycheck, but I have money saved in my fully-funded emergency fund that can help me out until I make more money.

A couple of years ago we definitely felt like we were living paycheck to paycheck. We were always able to pay bills, but we only made around $2,000 altogether and had many things to pay for. Luckily, our lives have changed drastically and we were able to increase our income by obtaining better jobs and engaging in side hustles.

Being able to be self-employed

I can also afford to be self-employed, which is a dream that I didn’t know was possible until somewhat recently. I feel wealthy due to the fact that I am even able to do this.

I have my family and friends

Being rich doesn’t always have to be about money. It can be about the time that you are able to spend with your family and friends as well. I want to be able to support my family (and my future children) and not have to worry about money.

I can afford things that I want in life

I’m definitely not a frugal blogger, and I have bought some things for myself that other personal finance bloggers may not think were the wisest choice. However, if I can afford it, then why not pay for things that I want to pay for?

I want to go on vacations. I also want to travel around the world and I am currently saving for that.

I also love my dogs and will pay anything for them.

Financial Freedom

I began full-time self-employment a couple of weeks ago, and it sort of feels like financial freedom. However, I am truly not at that point. My last goal for truly feeling wealthy would be to reach financial freedom. I want to reach financial independence sometime in my 30s.

Financial independence to me does not exactly mean early retirement. The definitely of financial independence to me is being able to do the work that I want to, and when I want to.

What does being wealthy mean to you?



Michelle Schroeder is the founder of Making Sense of Cents and Diversified Finances, a personal finance and lifestyle blog about budgeting, traveling, life, and student loans. Read further on her story and life.