Last week I wrote about how you can work two jobs. As you could tell from that piece, I believe in picking up the pace to reach your financial goals. If you want to get out of debt or save up for something, you have to embrace work and stop making excuses. You’ll never get out of debt by sitting on the couch or streaming South Park on your laptop. You have to get out there and make more money. It’s really that simple. There are no shortcuts.

What are strong second sources of income to chase after? What second job should you apply for to increase your savings?

A serving job.

My friend’s girlfriend makes good money at her day job, but she got bored in the evenings because he works odd evenings. She decided to get a job serving drinks at bar. She enjoys because she gets out of the house and gets to meet all sorts of random people. The money also helps.

At a serving job you can easily make money in tips. Depending on the location and the crowd, you can go home with some decent money. This money can be used to pay off your student cash loans or to save up for that upcoming trip to Cancun! It’s better than making excuses for your finances.

Something in customer service.

There’s always work available in customer service if you look hard enough. You can find a gig at the mall or something at your favorite shop. My one friend got a job at a coffee shop that he always hung out at. Working there allowed him to meet more people, spend more time there, get paid, and get discounts on food.

Working in customer service will also help improve your networking skills so that you’re not awkward at your day job. It’s always a little fun to challenge ourselves socially.

Your own business.

Have you thought about finally starting your own business?

I often promote that you should start freelancing now because I believe in making money on your own. The best part about freelancing or your own business is that you can use your natural talents to do something cool. Plus, if you perform a service that you enjoy, you’ll be getting paid to do something fun. This will make the working part easier for you.

What are some ways to increase your freelancing income?

  • Personal training.
  • Coaching.
  • Training of a sport.
  • Referee a soccer game.
  • Tutor math to high school students.
  • Teach a new language.
  • Whatever else you’re good at.

You can do anything else that comes to mind. Why not increase your income in your spare time? Use your talents to increase that savings account!

That’s how you can fit a second job into your schedule.

What second income will you pursue? Please share your progress here with us…

Martin Dasko

Martin Dasko