bills.jpgI’m late by a couple days, but between my finals and this horrible car situation, it couldn’t be helped. Good News: I didn’t spend money on eating out. Bad News: I spent more money then planned. 🙁

Here’s what I budgeted:

Income 283.37

Joint 160
Gasoline 40
Pet 15
Savings 20
Total : 230

Net Income 53.37

Here’s how I spent it (drum roll please):

Joint 160
Gasoline 48.88
Pet Supplies 15
Savings 20
Total 243.88
Net Income 39.49

With only one car now, the gasoline budget will be increased for awhile. I’ll include that in the next budget.

Again,I want to thank Flexo and Krystal for this idea. I’m hoping it’ll help me become better with my finances.