One year, I would like people to come to us instead of us driving to see them. Gas is so expensive! LOL, anyway, we still want to see family and friends, so we’re traveling up to Richmond, VA and then on Monday we’re going down to Fayetteville, NC. A nice relaxing 3 day weekend is the plans and we’re going to try and stick to it.

We’re leaving bright and early tomorrow morning. I’m already packed and my husband promises he will do so tonight. I’m bringing the digital camera to get some pictures taken and I will force myself to actuall go down to Walgreens and get them developed this time. We need pictures to hang around teh apartment and we have 2 years of friends and family just waiting to be printed and hung.

We already allocated money for this trip and we’re determined not to go over budget. there’ no real personal finance lesson. I guess I could remind everyone that money is here to help us enjoy life within reason. Visiting family and friends is important to us; we’re just not planning going broke doing it.

I just wanted to share my plans with you guys. What are your plans for this weekend?

Photo Credit:  pashasha