Weekend Edition: 5 Frugal Tips to Save Money

Even if you don’t live a frugal lifestyle, you probably do a few things that save you money.  Here are a few tips that everyone can implement to save some money:

1. After turning off the oven after use, leave the door open slightly for a few minutes to heat up the room. If you spent the money on either electric or gas, why not harness that heat during the winter.  This is especially helpful if your kitchen is in close vicinity with where you congregate for the evening.  It may not be much, but it can’t hurt!  CAUTION:  if you have children or animals, be sure to use caution when the oven door is open.  Also, don’t leave it open for an prolonged period of time and never use an oven as a heating source for your home.

2. Use your used grocery bags as garbage bags. Some of you probably use your own bags when you shop, but at some point you’ll come across the ultimate question:  ‘paper or plastic’?  It doesn’t matter which you choose for this tip.  Use these garbage bags in inconspicuous areas such as your bathroom, bedrooms or laundry room.  Depending on how much garbage you accumulate, it could save a few cents here and there.

3.  Reuse glass containers, such as jelly jars, as glasses. Not every jar would be suitable for reuse and some companies are moving to plastic containers, but the select few make a nice matching set of glasses.  Kids enjoy it and college stupids don’t mind the look either!  Of course, this wouldn’t match that fine china you use on special occasions.  If they ever break, no cost to you and now you can recycle them.

4. Reuse plastic containers, such as sour cream, cottage cheese and cool whip containers for storage of leftovers. No need to buy plastic containers that only stain and melt anyways.  They may not last as long, but they were probably being thrown out anyways.  Be careful not to hoard them though, keep only as many as you need if you lack storage space.

5. Rent movies from your library, for free! Most libraries have an extensive network that you can request a DVD (or dare I say VHS) via the web.  The only downside is that you have to wait in a queue, especially for new movies, and you won’t know exactly when they will arrive.  Your queue can be as many as you like, but you can only check out 5 at a time usually (and for a week at a time).  Check out your library catalog online now and save some cents!

Feel free to share any other random frugal tips!

Stupidly Yours,


Image provided by: starush