Photo Credit: FleurP

ING Direct has started a new campaign called We, The Savers. Follow the link to see the whole page of financial declarations. I know that it’s an adertisment, but I loved the positive spin they put on savings. I wanted to share some of my favorite ‘declarations’.

We will spend less than we earn. Saving a little out of every dollar we bring home is the foundation of independence. Without it, we can’t build equity in our home, we can’t invest for the future, and we can’t be ready for challenging times. We promise to pay ourselves first, always.

If there is a golden rule for saving and building wealth, this is it. You will lose money if you can not keep your spending below your income.

We will take care of our money. It’s not enough to have money in a bank. We will put it where it will grow. We’ll keep track of it. And we’ll check every account we have every year to protect ourselves against fraud or escheatment.
Personal finance is about having control over your money. You can have accountants, financial planners, etc, but you need to understand the whats and whys of their roles.
We will remember what matters. We are not the things we own. If we have to spend and spend on bigger, more impressive things to keep up with our friends, then they are not our friends at all.
Money is a tool that can help others or it can enslave us to debt. You don’t need spend a lot of money to show love.
Personal finance is a process and savings is part of the foundation. If you’re interested in ING Direct and want to set up an account, check these accounts:
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