by Andi B.

So this morning we put in an offer on a house. We’ve been attempting the house-hunting process essentially since September with limited to no success, but I’m really hopeful that this will be the end of our journey…at least the “find a house” stage.
There is nothing sane about buying a house in the current financial industry. When we lived in Vegas we knew we had no business buying a house, but no one cared and kept trying to sell us million-dollar condos. (Because they were only going to keep going up in value and we were going to be priced out of EVER getting a home.) We did everything right, and now when we’ve gone to buy a home we’ve been pooped on at every turn by a mortgage industry attempting to look intelligent.
Luckily, we have a wonderful broker and excellent realtor who have really gone out of their way to make our home buying happen. We’re attempting to use funds from a special down payment assistance program, but there’s a whopping four loans available for the entire county! We really need those funds so if you can keep a good thought for us we’d really appreciate it. 🙂
So we tried to put an offer in on “the” house, but someone else got their first. We found another house, that meets all of our qualification (although not all our dreams), and it’s within our price range. A little dollhouse on a large lot that still looks like it’s in 1950, it needs some work, but has a lot of potential. It will take at least a week for the bank to decide if they want to take our offer, so I’ll keep you posted.