PortAventura is Spain’s most famous theme park located in Salou, Catalonia, and has almost 4 million visitors annually. If you’ve been dreaming of a holiday that you’ll never forget, PortAventura is the perfect destination for you.

This amazing park consists of six different areas that are designed to take visitors into completely new worlds. For example, Mediterrania, the entrance area of PortAventura, is well known for reproducing the Catalonian atmosphere specific to coastal towns. The Mexico area is designed around the Mayan style, while SesamoAventura is the children’s favorite area because of the similarities with the characters from the famous show Sesame Street. Far West is an area that’s famous for its western sculptures and buildings, China attracts through its main path that is similar to the Great Wall of China, while Polynesia is one of the areas where you can relax by watching unique shows.

PortAventura is great for both children and adults, being often crowded with families from all over the world. Through its outstanding diversity, the team behind the construction of this park makes sure that every tourist will find a perfect spot or activity to enjoy. Grab your PortAventura tickets from AttractionTix, and let the fun begin!

Each of the six mentioned areas features a wide range of attractions consisting of rides or shows. For example, SesamoAventura includes monorails, water carousels, roller coasters and drop-towers designed for children, and two shows starring the famous characters Elmo, Bert and Ernie.

Other attractions are the events that take place depending on the season, for example the summer shows. One of the most famous shows is FiestAventura, known for its floats and water effects. Halloween and Christmas are also celebrated with special events that certainly succeed in attracting tourists. As a result, you can visit this park whenever you want, no matter the season. Purchase PortAventura ticket from attractiontix today, get ready for the summer season, and choose to explore one of Spain’s most enticing theme parks!

PortAventura features so many attractions, that it’s almost impossible to visit all of them in one day. That’s why tourists who stay at one of the nearby hotels that aren’t on site, have access to three-day tickets for PortAventura. It usually takes three days to explore all the beauties of PortAventura Theme Park. Visitors who choose to stay at an on-site hotel will have even more benefits when visiting PortAventura.

Besides, you can experience unique moments in one of the hotels, shops and restaurants located in this area, such as Hotel Caraibe, Costa Caribe Shop or Reggae Café.

All in all, PortAventura is an amazing holiday spot that can benefit to all types of people, whether they’re young or old, single or married.

Joe Edward

Joe Edward