by Andi B.

As it gets closer to the holiday season, travel becomes more prolific, and far more costly. CBSNewsOnline posted a video featuring Travel Editor Peter Greenberg sharing how to get some better holiday deals. It is from last year, but the principles haven’t changed; airlines are still trying to gouge every fee they can, and when you fly still matters.

Other ways to keep your holiday costs down:
1. Have a virtual family dinner. Setting up skype is far more cost efficient than flying your entire family around the country. It also guarantees one-on-one time with family members that doesn’t always happen in large groups.
2. Make sure driving isn’t cheaper. Even weighing traffic, when your travel distance is within 8 hours driving distance, driving a family of four may cost less than flying, and may not really add extra time to your trip due to airport wait times. You also don’t have to worry about your flight being canceled.