As a college student, I remember having a limited budget. I was working at the time, but it was to pay my bills and help with my education. Whatever leftover money I had, I used with my friends to have a good time and relax. If there was a deal at a restaurant or if  any of us had a coupon, we were there. With a little creativity, eating and shopping were fun and affordable.

If you’re looking a limited budget or you want to reign in some of your spending expenses, I’ve gathered a small list of discount sites.  Using these can help you save some money while you shop for thing you love and enjoy.

Travel Sites

  • Bing Travel: If you’re not sure if you should buy your plane tickets now or wait for a better deal, Bing can alert daily with prices and a forecast on price trends.
  • Priceline: I use their Name Your Own Price option often with our trips and have saved an average of 50% on our hotel stays.


  • Restaurant: We’ve used this with a group recently and was able to a complete dinner for $13/person, including tax. Pay attention to any restrictions and you’ll be saving a bundle.
  • Groupon: Deals of the day can be found on the site.


  • Gilt: For those with expensive taste, but are looking for a deal, Gilt has some big discounts on apparel.
  • Froogle: Pretty much use this  tool to see where the best prices are for items.
  • RetailMeNot: This is one of my favorite sites to find a last minute discount for online shopping.
  • FatWallet: Wonderful community that highlights deals around the web.

Thoughts on Discount Sites

I’d love to hear your best discount stories. I know everyone has their favorite deals and I probably didn’t include a few of them on my list. What discount sites do you use when you start shopping?How often do you use them?  How much do you save on average?

Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez