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Hello Green Panda Readers and Good Monday Morning to You All.  I hope you all had a nice weekend.  Today is the next post in our Ultimate Success Tips for College Students series. Today also marks the last Monday in September and this means that the first month of school is already almost over.  Soon October will start and Professors and Students will start getting ready for Mid Term Exams.  During my College career some of my classes only counted my grade on the Mid Term Exam for 20% worth  of my final grade.  The rest of my final grade was made up of attendance, participation, small projects and a Final Exam.  However, some of my classes allotted the Mid Term Exam as 50% of the final grade for the course.  I seriously hate this!

Mid Term  and Final Exams already come with a lot of pressure to do well and succeed, but the added pressure of the Mid Term or Final Exam counting for half of our entire grade is unbearable.  I would personally prefer to hand in small projects and participate in class discussions rather than have the pressure of my Exams counting for 50% of my final grade.  If our Mid Term and Final Exams are worth 50% each it is unsettling to know that we only have 2 chances to pass our course.  In my opinion when our entire course grade is made up of only the scores from our Mid Term and Final Exams it is pure laziness on behalf of the Professor.


Doing Well in College

The college experience is about so much more than Exams; but the pressure to do well in College can be unbearing for some Students.  However, “Doing Well” in College can be relevant to each Students (or Parents)  interpretation.  For some Students “Doing Well” means that we have good grades and receive our College Diploma with Honours.  However, for other Students networking throughout our 4 years of College and making the right connections to guarantee a job after Graduation would be considered “Doing Well.”  After all, the main goal of going to College is to get a job after Graduation.

Some people may consider “Doing Well” in College as the ability to gain financial responsibility and grow into an independent person.  In my opinion if we went into College as a naive teenager and we Graduated as a well rounded young adult we have definitely done well in College.  Going to College is about growing as an individual and learning about life on our own. If you have achieved that during your 4 years of College then you have done well and accomplished a mission.


Here are 5 Success Tips to Help You Study For College Finals:

– Make a Plan.  At the beginning of the College Semester plan your next 3 months.  This will help us organize our time to make sure that we can successfully get everything done.  If we need 3 days to study for a Mid Term or Final Exam then we have to free up 3 days on our Calendars.

– Set a Goal.  Give yourself a Grade that you want to have.  Working towards a Goal always helps me achieve success.  If we go into the exam with the Goal to just Pass the Exam our motivation could be lacking.

– Get Some Sleep.  There is nothing worse than staying up all night studying and going to the Exam the next day completely tired.  Even if we did learn something the night before our brain is shut down during the Exam and we can’t remember anything.  It is hard to gather my thoughts when all I can think about is going to sleep.

– Don’t Procrastonate.  Procrastination can lead to defeat.  If we wait for the last minute we can crack under the pressure and not get anything done. I can’t work under pressure because I can’t clearly formulate my thoughts, I definitely get scatter brain.

– Avoid Temptation. Stay in! Turn off your Cell Phone and Log Out of Your Face Book! Time is valuable and we can get a lot more done when we don’t have distractions.

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Tahnya Kristina

Tahnya Kristina

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