So three weeks ago, my beloved netbook caught the piggy flu of computer viruses. It was thoroughly painful to watch and we were up until 2 a.m. trying to get it to live. Luckily, my Uncle is incredible and fixed it over the next week for the low cost of a sushi dinner. (Not too low, but it is a write-off!) It was still scary. I was sitting there looking at my husband, trying to explain that I was having a meltdown because our taxes that I had been preparing were on it and I didn’t want to do them twice.

Now when someone asks if you’re using protection, my computer is not what I jump to in thought, but we all had a great discussion. It’s especially wonderful when your family is as cheap as you are…everything we looked at, is free. Currently, my netbook is protected by Spyware Doctor, and our desktops are being protected by Avast. Avast already protected me from a malware attack yesterday, so I’m pretty impressed. Check these out if you’re surfing without safeguards.