There’s basically two ways to increase your net worth:

  • Cut your expenses


  • Raise your income

I was looking through the web to find some information for people looking at the latter option to supplement cutting their expenses.

CNN Money listed majors that are seeing high job growth.


Payscale offers great paying jobs by sectors:

Hot Jobs in Health Care: PayScale Average Salaries

Job Title

Clinical Nurse Manager $65,909
Pharmacist $93,174
Nurse Practitioner $72,331
Physical Therapist $59,910
Physician Assistant (PA) $71,503
Registered Dietitian $41,170
Nurse Case Manager $57,323

Hot Jobs in Financial Services: PayScale Average Salaries

Job Title

Internal Auditor $47,934
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) $59,108
Risk Management Analyst $58,271
Financial Analyst Accountant $51,212
Financial / Securities / Investments Analyst $64,602
Compliance Analyst $51,021
Manager of Financial Accounting $68,993
Cost Accountant $46,048
Senior Accountant $52,731

Hot Jobs in High Tech: PayScale Average Salaries

Job Title

Software Engineering Manager $110,440
Senior Software Engineering / Development Director $103,854
Sr. Program Manager, Software Applications $108,525
Sr. Product Manager, Software $118,621
Sr. Business Analyst (Computer Software/Hardware/Systems) $74,460
Product Manager, Software $93,343
Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer $86,324
Project Manager, Software Development $81,252
Embedded Software Engineer $65,600

If any of these jobs interest you and you have the skill, then go for it. I’m not into taking a job solely for pay. There are situations where you suck it up, but in the long run it drains you. If anybody has one of these jobs, please share your personal experience.