Don’t you just love people who insist that when you have money problems, that you do not really have a problem at all? For the guy who has had to dodge the landlord because he is way behind on his rent; for the girl who has had to whip out three other credit cards to pay for drinks with the girls because her cards are nearly maxed out; for the person who has had to work extra hours at the office or take on another job just to pay off college tuition debt, money is a problem.

Anyone dealing with financial issues is more than likely spending sleepless nights, thinking up ways to add to his or her income. Beyond taking on an extra job or putting your money on the possibility of winning the mega lotto jackpot, there are other viable options that will allow you to make more money. Here are five ways to earn more greenbacks.

Turn Your Skill or Hobby Into a Money-Maker

Make MoneyEveryone is born with a talent or, at the very least, has mastered the art of something. It could be baking, quilt making, organic gardening, house painting, fashion styling, dog grooming, interior design, flower arrangement — whatever it is you are good at or enjoy doing, you can earn supplemental income from it. But like an efficient 4 line phone system(s) at any business office, you just need to have actionable plans that will allow you to make your skill or hobby work and make money.

 The good news is that it would be easier for you to market yourself today, thanks in large part to social networks and other sources on the Web. You will want to create a good buzz for whatever service or product you are offering by making sure your first clients become very satisfied customers. Upload appealing images on your social networking accounts. Create enticing offers. Publish video testimonials. With enough customers, you may just end up having a business empire on your hands.

Sell What You Do Not Need or Have not Used Online

Admit it. You probably have more than enough stuff in your home that you have not seen or used in over a year. From exercise equipment to old clothes, you might have items hiding in your basement or garage that could be making you money.

Do an inventory of all your old stuff. Separate what should go to goodwill, the trash, and to your online “garage” sale. Somewhere, someone is probably looking to buy vintage concert posters, old comic books, or even long-forgotten arcade games. Who knows, you might just get an astonishingly high offer for something really old.

Make a Small Yet Smart Investment in the Market

With the wealth of information on the Web, you can learn how to invest money like a seasoned trader in the stock market. One of the more popular options in financial investment is either trading currency pairs or speculating the direction of different assets (known as binary options) such as commodities, stocks, and indices. Both forex and binary options trading require minimal investments and enable many people to trade at any time.

Naturally, this will require gaining as much information as possible so you are able to make your profits and avoid losses. Open your account and start small, at least$550 or so. [See how I made $1321.5 in one week!]

Flip a House

You do not need to have Donald Trump’s income to venture in real estate. You can start small by saving up enough money on a small property you can develop. Once you get the old property fixed, you can either sell it off for a huge one-time profit or get good cash flow by renting it out to ideal tenants.

Just remember to pick the right property and use a reliable contractor.

Work on a Blog That Will Generate Income

If you enjoy writing, about anything really, you could develop a blog that can generate income. This is possible when you get advertisers or offer products or services you can sell. The key to raking in the big bucks is to make sure that you produce engaging and useful content for your followers. When you get enough traffic to your blog, advertisers will take notice and you can leverage your popularity and authority online to earn more income.

Michael H. Morgan is a copywriter and editor who enjoys the challenges of creativity and attention to details. He writes about a wide variety of topics of interest in the field of business, social media, technology and current trends in the industry.



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