After considering my own piece on the current deprivation movement, I decided to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. The truth is, every day I do something that is free (or very close to it) that I deeply enjoy. Granted, I do find joy in a wide variety of things, from eating at a fine restaurant to making my own fabric softener.

Today’s free fun has included:

  1. Lighting five tea light candles
  2. Taking my dog for a walk
  3. Watching old episodes (but new to me) of Bones on hulu
  4. Getting puppy breath kisses this morning

Granted, these aren’t completely free. The tea light candles cost me a few pennies, my dog has recurring expenses (food, vaccinations, etc.), and cable internet isn’t free. But when you amortize these expenses out, they don’t cost that much, and the enjoyment I receive is well worth it.