The Canada Revenue Agency continues to encourage people to file online to help make processing tax returns more efficient. Since e-filed returns can be processed in as few as eight to 10 business days, it may mean a quicker refund too. If you are filing online, here are some tips to help it go smoothly:

  • Get a code:  In order to file your return using NETFILE, you need a code. You should receive one on the information sheet of your T1 tax package from the CRA. If you didn’t get one, call 1-800-714-7257 for help.
  • Current year only: The system only accepts current year tax returns via NETFILE. If you forgot to file last year, you need to mail in your tax forms.
  • No first time filers: If you have never filed a tax return before, you cannot file electronically. You need to have a history with CRA before you can use NETFILE.
  • File before April 30: The country is full of procrastinators so if you wait until April 30 to file, expect the system to be slow. Filing early will likely mean less traffic.
  • Home address: If your address is outside of Canada, you cannot use NETFILE. So if you are working abroad for a year while having residential ties, you will need to print your return and mail it to the International Tax Centre.
  • Keep your paperwork: You may not submit your receipts with your return but it doesn’t mean you don’t need them. The CRA reviews credits and deductions over the summer and may request the back-up. Make sure you have filed it.
  • Did it work?: If you NETFILE, make sure you get a confirmation that your return was accepted. And record the confirmation number or print the page in case there are any issues later.

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