Last week I shared four tips for dining out with children and having a pleasant experience. Here are the last four tips that have served us well as we eat out with our growing family:

Let kids be adventurous. Many parents just routinely order their kids’ food off of the kid’s menu. We rarely order from there; instead, my son jokes that he gets the “buffet.” He eats a little of everything off of my plate and my husbands. Whatever suits his fancy, we give him more from our plate.

Ask for your check as soon as the main meal comes. It can sometimes take waiters awhile to bring your check; if you ask for it as soon as the food comes, they usually bring it to the table at just about the time kids finish eating and get restless. Again, this can save another 5 to 10 minutes waiting for the check at the end of the meal.

During the weekend, consider going out to lunch rather than dinner. Our children are much more rested (and better behaved) at lunch rather than in the evening when they are beginning to get tired (and cranky).

Pick entertaining experiences for your kids. My son loved it when we went to a pizza place and sat near the brick oven and he could see the flame in the back and the pizza as it cooked. Another time we went to a sushi place where we could choose our own sushi off of plates that came around in little boats. My son loved it and still talks about the food we got off of boats.

Certainly dining out with children can be challenging, but we have found these tips help to give us a more pleasant experience.

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