by a.b.

The whisper silence on my blog currently disguises the crazed insane screams of a wedding in progress. Mr. B is a groomsman so off we go to our friend’s wedding.

It’s difficult to keep last minute travel expenses low, but Mr. B and I have figured a few tricks that make it a little more cost effective.

1. Stay in a “residence” hotel. Hotels with full kitchens easily make up for the cost difference by the meal savings. The hotel we’re staying in has a bigger kitchen than we have at home.

2. Check parking costs. While our hotel has free parking, we’ve seen some that have upwards or $26-29 each night. Don’t get sideswiped by this common additional fee.

3. Free breakfast ftw. Even if it’s a continental breakfast, having all of your morning meal/snack covered can be a great cost saver.

4. Take advantage of free wi-fi or computer services. Not all hotels have wi-fi or free wi-fi throughout, but many offer guest computers or free wi-fi in the lobby. Take advantage of the ones that do, but remember not to utilize personal information or passwords on these unsecured networks.

Granted, there is a lot more that can be done, but this is what Mr. B and I do to cut costs on unplanned travel. What do you do?