by Andi B.

One of my favorite dishes I ever had at a potluck was “Potsticker Salad.” It tasted delightful and was easily a full meal.
1 Package Potstickers
1 Large Bowl of Mixed Greens
1 Handful of Chopped Almonds
1 Bottle of Plum Sauce
Dash of Rice Wine Vinegar
Cook the potstickers according to the package, making sure to add a run in the skillet to crisp them nicely.
Mix a little bit of rice wine vinegar in with plum sauce to taste.
Toss the salad and the potstickers and serve.
The potstickers can be purchased in large bags at Costco for $10, but I like the ones at Trader Joe’s. Plan on 2-4 potstickers per person depending on appetite, but be aware it’s much more filling than you think.