What lengths would you take to make sure you can provide for your family? The economy no doubt has taken it’s toll on families, causing stress and conflict. How can you get by when you are out of a job and struggling to find work? Did you do enough planning and have the foresight to create an emergency fund for unknown times?

One Texas father and husband has decided to do something ingenious, yet seemingly desperate; sell his family on eBay. This isn’t the first time that this has been tried. Will this family be successful in their goal?

This All American, Texas family is seeking a corporate sponsor that they can represent. They have been getting headlines little by little and their story has been running on the local news. So maybe all this exposure will result in their goal.

In just 24 hours, I’ve seen the hit count increase by 5,000 so the word is getting out. Their reserve? $50,000. A modest annual income for a family in Texas for a year long contract to the highest bidder. So what do you think? Is this an act of genius or stupidity?

I’m curious to see the end results of this. I have mixed feelings to be honest. I think it’s a good way to get exposure and it may possibly end in a job offer. However, it doesn’t seem to bring any sustainability to the family and with three young children, especially if they don’t get a winning bid.

I’ll still watch anxiously, but don’t be surprised to see others follow suit.  How does the new eBay category ‘sell your family’ sound to you?

They accept PayPal and don’t forget, free shipping too!

This is your world, America.

Stupidly Yours,