I finished reading another personal finance book this week and I can honestly say that the presentation was different than what I’m used to. I read The Skinny on Credit Cards How to Master the Credit Card Game by Jim Randel. It’s some great up to date advice on credit cards presented in a manga like style.

The Skinny on Credit Cards: Quick and Easy Financial Advice

The Skinny on Credit Cards: Quick and Easy Financial Advice

The Skinny on Credit Cards is a Solid Resource

If you’ve read finance books and had a hard time completing them, you may want to consider this book. It’s a fantastic resource if you want to learn how you can manage your credit cards.

Some useful topics included in the book are:

  • How minimum payments work
  • How credit card companies feel about your debt habits
  • Glossary of credit card terms
  • Basics on how credit scores work and how to raise them

Jim Randel takes a creative approach to presenting credit card and finance information to the readers.  It uses a story to introduce topics and I also like how Jim included various viewpoints including Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman. It’s not a long read and you can finish it in a few hours.

People who need a primer on credit cards should seriousl consider the book. Fiscal Fizzle did a book review as well if you want to get another perspecive. I think many readers would be helped by this book, so I’m  giving away a copy of The Skinny on Credit Cards using Twitter to one of my readers.

Green Panda’s The Skinny on Credit Cards Twitter Contest

To Participate:

  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Send a Tweet to me @Green_Panda with one tip onhandling credit cards
  • 1 entry per account
  • Winner with be drawn using @tweetaways. Winner will be drawn on Friday April 10, 2009 at 6pm EST.

I hope you can join! I want to thank the book’s publishers for sending a copy for me to give away.