So the other day I was hiking around town when I got a mobile alert about my bank balance being low. I was out, busy, but it was easy to keep on top of my money situation even if this was bad news.

The world has gone mobile in a good way. We can keep up with friends on Facebook, Tweet our activities and generally stay tuned into the world around us no matter where we are. Technology is awesome.

Back to the problem at hand though. Money. What happens when you’re out and get an alert like that? The first thing I do is check my account balance and see what transactions I might have missed that drained the account. In this case, there were several from expected sources that went out a little earlier than anticipated. What to do? I wouldn’t have another pay check come in until the next week.

Friends and Family?

Sometimes borrowing from friends and family makes sense. I’ve done it as well as lent right back out to the same party. There are always strings attached, especially with family, even when they say there aren’t. Even the most generous of friends and family always expect something in return, or you get the guilt trip every time you see them as they hang the loan over your head. Is it just my family that does this? 

So friends and family are out. I’d rather not borrow from them if I can help it even for short term stuff.

Payday loans?

Payday loans are an acceptable part of our world these days. A new quick loan place opens up every couple months around here and they do fine as there is plenty of demand. Payday loans are a decent back up plan should I need some cash quick, I follow the terms of service and understand what I’m doing.

Where I was at the time this alert came through though happened to be some ways away from the nearest payday loan place. Then I remembered the technology I’m so fond of. I had heard about a cash loan place that keeps up with technology. Instead of requiring you to go there, wait in line and get your loan, you can text them your information and they can deliver a certain amount of cash almost instantly into your bank account.

How cool is that! So even if you’re out, busy and can’t stand lines, you can get the cash you need wired right into your account almost instantly via a text message from your cell

Jesse Michelsen

Jesse Michelsen