I love to learn new things. I’m always working on self-development and trying to improve random aspects of my life. This also means that I spend a ton of money on investing in myself.

The other day a buddy asked me a thought-provoking question: why do you invest so much money into learning this new stuff?

I answered him because he happens to be a good friend and he wasn’t trying to attack me. My response is listed below in the context of a blog post.

Why should you bother with learning something new?

There’s actually a hidden benefit to learning something new or acquiring a new skill. I share this response below:

When you learn something new you can teach this skill to others.

What does this mean?

When you learn something new chances are that others are interested in learning this skill as well. You’re not the only person out there trying to figure out how to travel for cheap, save more money, find the best bank account, learn a new language, or even attract the opposite sex. There are plenty of people interested in learning whatever it is that you happen to be now good at.

What are a few examples of this in real life?

Personal finance blogger JD Roth who ended up selling, Get Rich Slowly for what is sure to be a handsome sum of money, started off his blog by being a normal guy trying to learn about personal finance. As he chronicled his journey trying to get out of debt, control his spending, and finally save money, readers start to hatch on. The site now has dozens of thousands of followers and likely makes a killing. By learning how to save money, Roth started one of the most popular sites in the niche.

Any personal trainer. Anyone that learns and trains to be a personal trainer learned how to get in shape and help others get in shape. This means that other people out there are willing to pay this personal trainer to acquire their skills/knowledge. The good news is that the personal trainer can charge an hourly rate for their service for as long as they want to work in the field and can find clients.

You. Now it’s your turn to learn something new and then teach it to others. We all have our own struggles that can be shared with others. You never know when your new skill can come in handy.

What do you plan on learning?

Martin Dasko

Martin Dasko