Ok, so this blog is 5 articles deep, if you had a good look around, you might have learned a thing or two about how to save some money. 🙂 In that case, you are going to have a LOT of extra cash lying around and you need to keep it safe, right? That is why today I am going to show you some of the best places to hide money.

You might think hiding money at home thing is old fashioned, I surely think so! BUT it does have some perks to it; Personally, I hate banks and I try not to visit them too often, so in most cases, I like having money lying around the house. I find it’s more accessible and easy to get to when it’s in your house.

That is why I needed to come up with creative hiding places to hide money.

Best Places To Hide Money & Valuable Items

Your Fridge Freezer

Just put your money in an envelope, place the envelope in a plastic bag, roll it up and stuff it right there with the poultry 🙂 Easy to do and easy to get to BUT very hard to find if you’re an intruder. Just don’t forget where your small fortune is hidden 🙂

The Best Places To Hide Money

In Your Aquarium

Put your money in plastic containers and just stuff it in the sand, it would be best if you get a container or jar that is small enough to go undetected between the sand. Also make sure the “treasure box” is not visible from any side of the aquarium, if it is, consider thickening up the layer of sand or place some rocks around it.

A good idea would be to get large aquarium decoration like a ship wreck or something and fit it in there, obviously always remember to place it in water proof material.

The Flush

A great place that no one will ever look is in your flushing. As with the aquarium; always secure it properly with water proof material or otherwise you’ll be dealing with something like this…

Remote Controls / Battery Slots

Discarded remote control or something with a battery slot are one of the best places to hide small jewellery and folded large bills. Just take out the batteries and you are left with a compartment big enough to fit your valuables in. Some spaces might not be that big so large stacks of money or large jewellery won’t do here. But it is very, very secure!

It would be ideal to leave it out of the way too. You don’t want somebody to pick your item up, shake it, drop it or do anything else that will reveal it’s secret. Just put in a drawer somewhere and you’ll never have to worry about losing it.

Normal Every Day items

“The best place to hide is in the open” So get yourself a cool false safe.

What is a false safe?

A false safe is an everyday item or product that is professionally transformed into a money vault. See what I mean by the picture below. 🙂

They come in most everyday products like these Ajax Bleach Bottle, WD-40 can, large Pringles and this English Dictionary that even comes with a lock & key!! LOL

The Best Places To Hide Money: Pringles Can!

In a Dark Bottle:

Get yourself a liquor that has dark glass bottle, something like this Kahlua pictured below and after you drink it, rinse it off, place your money and whatever else you need to hide in there and place it with the rest of the bottles. It will blend in very well and nobody would ever cross their minds that that bottle doesn’t contain liquor! 🙂

You might need to break the bottle to get your things out but it’s well worth the hassle 🙂

False Bottoms

You may find some items that have a false bottom or a hole in the bottom. Most of the time, house hold things like souvenirs, candle holders and the such all come with a false bottom or a hole in the bottom. Have a good look around and see what you come across! It’ worth considering if you want to hide money for a short while. 🙂

Word Of Warning! 

Obviously these places are not secure enough to hold whole fortunes. These are places where you can hide or “save” small amounts of money for short period of times.

Although you can pull of hiding $10,000 and a diamond ring in your freezer, it is more advisable to consider a bank or a proper home safe!

It is also advisable to not share with anyone where these hiding places are and watch out if you have young kids about, it’s better to keep this a secret from them unless you want all their friends to know that daddy has a $1,000 in his aquarium 🙂

And don’t forget: NEVER keep all your money in one place, not at home, not on vacation, NEVER!!

Thank you for clicking and reading, check out my blog for money saving tips so that you can start filling up these secret places! 🙂

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Chris Lee Vella

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