A local newspaper had a deal to buy a dining out card for $20. About 50 restaurants participated; Texas Corral was one of them.

We went there today and had an enjoyable, reasonable priced meal.

When we sat down, we were served hot, fresh bread and cinnamon butter. There is also a bucket of peanuts on each table; my son enjoyed eating those, while my daughter couldn’t get enough of the bread. (We actually got a second basket of bread–my daughter is a carb fiend!)

For meals, I ordered a Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich with steak fries ($6.99). The sandwich was good, albeit a bit messy. The BBQ sauce was very sweet and the entire sandwich was moist. The fries were thick and good.

My husband ordered the Big Texas 1 Lb. Ribs (8.99) with the largest baked sweet potato I have ever seen in my life. He loved the sweet potato when he put the cinnamon butter for the bread on it. His ribs were delicious except for the very last one which was burnt. The rib meat fell off the bone, and he enjoyed the sweet and tangy bbq sauce. Before the main meal, he got a bowl of chili (included with the meal), which had a little spice and had the perfect consistency. For $8.99, he received a substantial amount of food! He also ordered a Pepsi ($2.39).

My son ordered the Cheddar Burger and steak fries ($6.99). He thought it tasted good and had enough to take half home for lunch tomorrow.

The atmosphere was relaxed (complete with peanut shells on the floor) and our waitress was attentive. Overall we enjoyed our experience.

We had a coupon for buy one entree get one free, so we ended up paying $19.48 (including $1.11 for tax) and a tip of $4.52 for a grand total of $24.00. We saved $6.99. We will definitely be back again.