This Monday I went ahead and scheduled our utilities transfer set up between the old apartment and the new one for this weekend. We are moving over the weekend and turning in the keys next Monday, so everything has to move like clockwork.

Switching Cable and Electric

I started with the electric company, expecting it to take the longest. Instead Progress Energy took less than 20 minutes to everything scheduled and squared away to transfer our services between the apartments. believe it or not, the automated process took longer. I gave my email address to receive a electronic log of the phone call.

The electric company’s automated confirmation system transferred me to moving services company after I completed the transfer with the customer service representative.  The representative at All Connect said they could transfer my cable and Internet service too for me, but I needed to give them my social security number.

My policy is not give that out for 3rd parties and I asked if they would accept the last 4 digits, as Time Warner only asked for that when I call in. They seem like a reputable company, but I rather keep the number of places with that information to a minimum. He said no he couldn’t use a partial number and so I decided to call the cable company myself and get it transferred.

I hoping I still get my Papa John’s and Domino’s coupons he mentioned sent to the new place.

I then called up our cable company to switch services and within 10 minutes we got everything scheduled for the move. The customer representative mentioned some promotional specials, but none of them seem compelling compared to the cable, internet, and phone package we have now.

Ask to see if there are any promotional deal when you move.

Ask to see if there are any promotional deal when you move.

Opening an Account with the Gas Company

Since we are starting a new account with the gas company, they needed to run a check check to see if we had to pay a deposit. After waiting a couple minutes, the customer service representative told me we did not need a deposit.

Transfer Fees

With both the electric company and the cable company, we have to pay a one time transfer fee ($17 and $15). I added it up to our moving expenses spreadsheet for future reference.

Document Utility Communications

I took notes like I usually do when speaking with the utilities because sometimes they have made mistakes with extra charges. Having documentation has been helpful and can help you avoid more fees.

Your Take

How easy or hard was it to get your utilities disconnected and/or started? How do feel about sharing your SS#?

Photo Credit: estilovagabund0