A few years ago we discovered Sushi Station in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, and it is hands down our favorite sushi restaurant. We try to limit our visits there though because we usually spend more than we should.

After we got our tax refund back, we decided to celebrate a little and go to Sushi Station. This restaurant offers sushi on a covered conveyor belt that passes by all the tables. When you see a plate of sushi you want, just open the door of the cover over the conveyor and pull out the plate. Each plate is a different color; the color corresponds to the price.

For instance, I love their Bostation Roll (tuna, crab salad, avocado, and masago). Four of these pieces come on a blue plate, which is $3.25. I also like the Shrimp Tempura Roll (shrimp tempura, cucumber, masago and tempura crumbs), which comes on a green plate and includes 4 large pieces for $4.25.

(Bostation, Shrimp Tempura, Tamago & Octopus)

My kids love both the mini-Udon (noodles with a shrimp tempura in a bowl) for $4.25 and the tamago (2 egg sushi rolls on a white plate for $1.25).

(Yellow Tail, California Roll & Mini Udon)

My husband loves all of it and has to limit himself to not grab too many of the green plates ($4.25 each). He tries to mix it up by choosing some expensive and not so expensive plates of food.

I cannot recommend this restaurant highly enough; the wait staff is very friendly, and the service is exceptional. The food is tasty, and we like how you can choose how much your bill will be by the color of the plates you choose

(Tuna gunkan, crab salad roll, salmon & shrimp)

We arrived at noon on Saturday, which is when they open. Within 15 minutes, the entire restaurant was full. By the time we left at a little before one, all of the tables were full, and there were easily 30 people waiting for tables. This restaurant has benches on both sides of the restaurant for people who are waiting and more waiting room in the entry way to the restaurant; all of those areas were full of waiting people.

We ended up choosing 3 white plates of food – 3.75, six pink plates – 13.50, two blue plates – 6.50, and three green plates – 12.75 in addition to one green tea at 1.00 and one soft drink at 2.00.

Our total was $39.50 plus $4.74 taxfor a total of $44.24. We left a tip of $5 for a grand total of $49.24.

We will definitely be back, but we can’t fit this restaurant into our $25 week/budget too often. Too bad!!