I decided on some Sundays, I’ll post some interviews with people working on achieving a dream and/or goal. It doesn’t make sense to just focus on saving or making more money. I think money is a tool to use in prsuig your dreams.

This week, I have an interview with a friend and fellow blogger, Ani Allen. She started TheStepLife as a way to help herself and others make the transition easier.

Could you tell me a little about yourself?

My name is Anielka Allen, I was born in Nicaragua raised in Miami, FL, yea baby! I love the hot weather all year round. Anyways, I am a shy girl with a lot of personality to show but hides it all the time. Once someone gets to know me I become unforgettable, or so I’ve heard. But, all in all, I believe myself to be a good person still trying to come out of my shell.

What motivated you to begin blogging about being a stepmom?

Make money of course! No, not completely true. For the most part it’s because I didn’t think becoming a step mom would be an extreme hardship. I mean, I knew that it would be hard, but not this hard. Basically, everyone going through this hardship can only find comfort in someone who is going through the same thing as you are. That is why I’ve created a blog about step parenting, so we can upbuild each other to become the best second parents.

What makes your perspective unique?

The idea to have a blog about step parenting is not unique due to the fact that it is so universal now. However, I always find myself rummaging around other sites about step parenting for different concepts and guides. I believe my site to be unique because I bring all the anguish, fears, expressions, comforts, and guides all into one site. Aside from that, everyone can comment in the about each posts in the same site and speak to the same people all the time instead of having to go to another site for another question you have or another article you couldn’t find in the other site. I want my site to be inclusive, where you’ll have everything you need right here.

Tell me one thing that no one in the blogging world knows about you?

Aside from being a step mom, practically nothing, They don’t know me at all. Duh! =)

(I don’t know what you mean by this ehheh sorry)

What posts on your blog should all visitors read?

Every single one that pertains to them, they are all great and helpful. There is a category for each person such as step parents, step children, etc..

What do you hope to accomplish in the next year?

To be proud to say that I have helped out many in becoming a better step parent and step child. Also, make a better step parent out of me.

If your blog ended today, how would you like people to remember it?

They would riot to get it back!!Thank You!!

Thanks Ani. If you enjoyed this interview, please check out Ani’s blog The Step Life.

Do you know anyone pursuing their dreams? I’d loved to talk to them. If you interviewed someone, please send it in and I’ll post it.