Health insurance isn’t typically a college student’s main concern. If you neglect having suitable insurance,though, it can not only lead to serious health consequences, but also can ruin your financial life.

How much does an Emergency Room visit cost?

A visit to the ER can average $361- $1262 according Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. I don’t know many college students and recently graduated students that can afford that. Buying health insurance is important.

How can a college student keep their health insurance coverage? has a really good overview on how to maintain health insurance when you’re in college and when you graduate.

Some insurance companies, universities, and states also have policies with college students in mind:

Check around to see if you an cut on your health costs with sacrificing necessary coverage.

Another option is getting a limited health care plan. While it might help with some basic visits, the lower premium usually means getting less coverage. Still, it’s an option for those trying to make ends meet. As with every other policy, please read the fine print. I also suggest reading USA Today’s Story on the topic. When looking at different policies, don’t just look and the price, but look at the amount of coverage you can get for that price.

To help people out, there are websites that allows you to compare some health insurance policies side by side.

If anybody has any other ideas about getting decent coverage on a limited budget, please feel free to leave a comment. Also if you have any experience with getting health insurance on a limited budget, I’d appreciate you sharing it.

Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez