Photo Credit: flem007_uk

Being a student can have many benefits, including getting discounts with certain vendors and events. Here are some ideas to consider next time you’re looking for a good deal.

  • Banks: Banks and credit unions today offer student checking accounts which have no minimum balance and no fees. That can be an advantage as you’ll likely have a more lean budget and little money ‘leftover’ (after paying your savings account first of course).
  • Car Insurance: by now, you probably know that if you’re a student you can get a 10% discount with many companies for having good grades. Check with your local agent to see what the grade cut off is for them. Some I have seen were for 3.0 and higher. 
  • Culture: Museums usually offer a discount for student. I read an article in New York City where the front row seats for Young Frankenstein is only $25 for students and $450 regular price! An extreme example, but the point is you can really have a unique and classy experience with your student budget.
  • Local Shops: Typically stores around universities off discounts for students. Check with your student center and see what deals you can get by having your student ID. 
  • Movies: Usually movie theaters charge students the matinee price if they have their IDs with them. Some colleges have free or $1 movies on campus. You just have to bring your ID to verify your student status.
  • Newspapers/Magazines: Check to see if your favorite magzines have student discounts for subscriptions. Wall Street Journal has a student price for subscriptions
  • Tech Store: Many universities have a tech store which offers substantial discounts on software and hardware. My old school offered Microsoft Office Professional 2007 for only $99! It was a fantastic deal. Note: You might want to grab the latest edition right before you graduate.


Carry your student ID on you at all times and make it a habit to ask if a place offers student discounts.  The worse answer you’ll get is ‘no’ and at best you’ll save a bit of money.