I love to challenge commonly accepted axioms. One theory that I really love to argue against is the theory of the “big idea” or the “great idea” (or whatever you want to call it). What’s this theory all about? It’s the mindset where you don’t get anything done until you have figured out the next big idea. It’s all about figuring out how you will dominate the world. It’s not about focusing on the basics.

In the past I spent countless amounts of hours on discussing so called great business ideas with friends. We always used to talk about what the next Facebook would be. While we were busy with day dreaming, Twitter was created.

I thought about the idea of a financial help service for a really long time (more than I care to admit). I would meet up with various buddies and discuss this big idea that we would implement “soon.” Well soon never came. One day I went out on the internet and realized that plenty of financial help was available via personal finance blogs. That’s when I decided to start a personal finance blog.

You must accept the fact that you won’t come out with the next Google or Facebook. Its okay though. The great news is that you don’t have to.

Below are a few quick tips to help you get over the myth of the great idea:

People love the fundamentals.

Facebook and Twitter are nothing more than communication tools. Instead of trying to focus on something outside of the box, perhaps you could offer an extension of a popular service. Twitter is essentially nothing more than “Facebook status updates.” Its nothing Earth-shattering. Instead of trying to think of the greatest idea known to men, why not follow up on a fundamental that isn’t being addressed at the moment?

Just deliver consistent quality.

No mater what you decide to do, you better do it right.People love to receive quality service consistently. The service or work that you decide to offer won’t be something completely new, but it will be something that people need. People pay to have their problems solved. As long as you are solving problem, you are on the right track.

A rising tide floats all ships.

Remember that you don’t always have to come up with the most ground breaking concept. You could simply jump into an industry that is booming. There’s nothing wrong with this. When I started a personal finance blog I knew that I wasn’t going to be the first one. I also did know that people in the field were making money through helping others.

Stop wasting time.

You need to stop wasting precious time. Every day that you spend pondering about “great idea” is another day where you don’t make any money. We feel good after we discuss stuff. Unfortunately, all that were doing is wasting time. You need to ask yourself: what did I really accomplish? Discussing future projects is exciting, but are you taking the necessary steps to meet your goals?

What action have you taken? Are you waiting around for the big idea to hit you? If you’ve taken any actions in the last little while, then please do share with us.

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