Almost everyone has made New Year Resolutions to lose weight or save money.  These are two of the most difficult resolutions to stick to.  However there are many different way to save money and one of those is by saving money while grocery shopping.

There are those individuals who do not think that this can be accomplished unless you are one of those extreme couponers that you see on television who saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars with cutting coupons alone.

Lets face it; most people are not extreme couponers.  This article will help to give you easy tips to save money while grocery shopping.

Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolution To Save Money On Grocery Shopping

Learn How To Coupon

The typical shopper will believe that coupons are the only way possible to save money while doing your weekly grocery shopping.  This can save you money but it can also be very frustrating.  Many will leave the coupons at home when the do their shopping or they will get to the store with the coupon only to find out that the store does not have that certain product.

If you are lucky enough to remember to take the coupons with you and the product is available you can save money but it takes effort and patience.

Create A Grocery List

One of the easiest ways to save money on groceries is to make a grocery list before you go.  It is recommended to plan a menu for the week.  This can be done by asking your family what they wish to have for meals or even by looking at the weekly grocery store shopping ads that come in the mail.  It is simple to plan meals by following the sale ads and purchasing what is on sale.

Meat is usually the most expensive item you will purchase while shopping.  By looking at the sale ads you can decide what type of meats to purchase by buying what is on sale.  Of course using coupons as well will help you to save even more dollars when shopping.  The amount of money you save is completely up to you.

No Children With You

Having children with you at the grocery store is one reason why your grocery bill may be higher than it should be.  The grocery store is not the place for children if you are trying to save money.  The kids will always be putting extra items into your cart.  You might say no at the time but when the child starts to whine, cry and throw a temper tantrum most parents will give in and allow the item which in turn ads extra expenses to your grocery bill.


Saving money on your grocery-shopping bill can be very simple if you stick to some general guidelines. By making a shopping list and leaving your children at home you will find that you can save many dollars and keep that money in the bank.  This will help you to stick to at least one of your New Year resolutions.

Thanks you for reading folks. This has been a guest post by Sidney Terrell

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