Have you’ve made plans for your next vacation yet? Will you try to rest and relax or are you looking to try new activities and see different locales? Unfortunately for some, no matter what their vacation goals are they may be hampered by their budget.

The good news is that there is a solution for that if you’re willing to try something different. Staycations can give you a way to have a great time without being hit by the typically high gas prices during the summer. It also has the bonus of saving you on time with transportation. That means you’ll have more money to direct towards activities that interest you.

Family Staycation – Fun and Frugal

You can save some significant amounts with staycations. MSNBC offered these numbers from AAA:

In its annual summer vacation survey, the American Automobile Association said the average North American vacation will cost $244 per day for two people for lodging and meals. The priciest destination will be Honolulu, where room and food for two adults will average $673 a day.

What can you do during a staycation? Whatever you would do if you were traveling away. Take the time to research your city. Look at your city’s tourist site to see if there are any activities that you want to try out. Have you’ve been to your local museums and art galleries? Have you tried all the best reviewed restaurants? Have you explored the parks in your area? We have a winery nearby that we’ve added on our to do list for example. We’ve also tried explore more of the city parks and have discovered some beautiful locations. As a note, even though you’re staying local, make sure you treat this like a typical vacation. Don’t let work call you in to cover for someone and don’t stay in contact with friends who may ruin your little getaway. It’s still your vacation and you need time away from them all.

Looking at Vacation Home Exchange

If staycations aren’t that exciting, but you want to stay in the same state or region, there is another option. Depending on how badly you’d like to have a change of scenery, you might want to try using a vacation home exchange. As the name suggests, you can swap homes with someone else. Think of it as a way of living in someone else’s shoes for a bit.

Thoughts on Staycation

Since I haven’t done a staycation, I’d like to ask your thoughts on them. How many of you have taken a staycation? What did you do? What was the best part of it? What was the worst part of it? What tips do you have on making the most of it? By the way, if you’re planning a vacation, don’t forget to check out some related posts on the topic here on GPT:

Wherever you go for your next vacation, I hope you enjoy it!

Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez