No matter how hard I try to make sure that my budget is a reflection of my needs and expenses, life always gets in the way. It seems like, “Special circumstances, meet budget. Budget, meet special circumstances. Budget! Stop peeing on special circumstances!”

Mr. MT and I have discovered that we feel better when we eat more fish, chicken, and fresh vegetables. I mean seriously better. Due to a recurring ulcer plaguing me from my pre-teens, I’m not even supposed to eat red meat. But so help me I’m a carnivore through and through. I love a good steak. I also love a great piece of fish, farm fresh produce, and more. The problem is so-called “higher quality” proteins are much more expensive.
Between Safeway’s specials, our local farmer’s markets fresh fish, and a high quality local Asian market, it will take more effort, but we’ll be able to add substantially more fish to our diet. It’s not just food; special circumstances, whether medical, dietary, or housing considerations, can all interfere with a standard budget.
I’m not the healthiest person. Due to allergies and sensitivities, I have to be careful where I live, I have to occasionally replace expensive filters for my special Aireox filter. Don’t get me started on cleaning products! One of the main reasons I got into frugality was because learning how to make my own cleaning products was cheaper and healthier than the pricey trendy alternatives.
No matter what the reason, it can feel like a kick in the teeth. It’s even harder when you read other people’s blogs and how-to suggestions sometimes. I could cut my food budget even further, too, if I could eat canned food. It’s just not that way for us.
I could wallow, but instead I’m proud. I’m proud that although life isn’t easy, we’re still trucking, we’re still trying to make good decisions each day, and we’re still making slow headway.