Hello lovely readers. Today I just thought we’d skip the usual how to guides and just reflect on the year past and the new year ahead with a short post. But first, I want to share some exciting news which I only have YOU to thank for…

My little blog, the one you’re reading right now; GetToSaving.com has been featured in a list that chronicles all the best money saving advice for the year 2013!

I’m very proud to be on this list filled with lots of other great blogs that deliver solid tips regarding money management and personal finance, you’d be a fool not to check them out 😉

Thanks again for the support you show this blog, I really do hope I bring you enough value to deserve this!


Happy 2014!

I want to wish a big happy and exciting 2014 to all my friends, followers and readers. For the year ahead I have huge plans for this blog and my new one I just launched. (Feel free to check it out)

I look forward to continuing building up my online business, keep on improving my money management skills (I still have a LOT to learn) and I hope you keep on reading; as long as you keep reading, I’ll keep writing!

I hope me and you will continue on our journey to financial freedom together, we have done such progress this year and I am sure 2014 is going to be our best year. We just always have to keep in mind that we need to “Financial Highway“! haha

So what about you?

  • What are your plans for 2014?
  • What are your goals?
  • What are you looking to accomplish?
  • Any resolutions you plan to break mid January!? 🙂

I’d love to hear what your plans are for the new year. I always learn so much from my readers!

That is all for now folks, as I said this is a quick post today so I don’t want to waste any more of your time. Keep coming back, keep commenting, keep saving and keep progressing.

2014 is going to be OUR year! 


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Some Good News & A Happy New Year

Chris Lee Vella

Chris Lee Vella

Hi, I’m Chris Lee. In September 2013 I decided to quit my job to focus on building up my business. Glad to say that till now all is going well and I think I made the right decision but it’s only because I have learned how to properly manage my personal finances.