Apparently even Smart Money knew it was time to focus on Health & Wellness with their article: 10 Things Health Food Stores Won’t Tell You.

1. “‘Organic’ isn’t just another word for ‘healthy’….”
Organic supposedly stands for non-altered or modified, free of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, etc. For meats it means no anti-biotics or hormones and organic feed. It is also an expensive certification standard dictated by the USDA. Up until recently, Dr. Bronner’s soaps were not certified as organic even though they were some of the most environmentally friendly you could use. The cost was prohibitive. Don’t forget to support local farmers that don’t use nasties, but can’t afford the pretty badge.

2. “…. but the label’s standards are constantly under fire.”
You didn’t think the chemical lobbyists or some of the farming alliance want you to have your spotted, pesticide-free fruit did you? In all fairness some of the politics comes down to legitimate issues. An organic farm must have been pesticide free for a certain amount of time. So what does a farmer do when Safeway doesn’t want his apples that would only be deemed perfect by Mother Nature, but they aren’t natural enough for the hippies?

3. “Some of our products aren’t as eco-friendly as they sound.”
Really? So when Tide came out with their Pure Essentials line and claimed they were naturally-inspired they didn’t have to have anything really natural in them? It’s called greenwashing – making your product sound greener or more natural than it really is. Read the ingredients. If it looks almost the same as it’s predecessor, it’s been re-scented and repackaged and they’re hoping you won’t know the difference.

4. “Health food doesn’t have to eat up your entire paycheck.”
With farmer’s markets, co-ops, and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) natural food does not have to cost an arm and a leg, or even your firstborn.

5. “Our supplements are a mystery wrapped in an enigma.”
Don’t get me started on the vitamin and supplement industry. Oh wait, that’s tomorrow’s article.

6. “Taking our advice may be hazardous to your health.”
If you think of a health food store employee as what they are, a retail store employee, maybe you’ll at least double check the advice they give you.

7. “Enhanced foods can be too much of a good thing.”
I think this is kind of self-explanatory.

8. “Think there’s no junk food here? Think again.”
You can find fried and sugared junk food just as easily in the health food store. You didn’t think just because chocolate candy was by the register at the co-op it was now good for you? Whoops.

9. “We may undo the benefits of organics.”
If the grocer prepares your food, but isn’t organic, your food is no longer organic. Sorry, but true.

10. “Organic shampoo? Don’t waste your money.”
This one actually took me by surprise. Apparently water is organic, and shampoo is 70% water and….well, you get the picture.