by a.b.

Now that you’ve gained some excellent momentum with big cuts, I’m going to confuse you and tell you to take a step back. Creating a frugal lifestyle is a process with necessary and dreaded introspection. While we’ve been working with momentum, we don’t want this to create a wild extreme.

How do you like the cuts that you’ve made? Are they working for you? For your family? Are you feeling uncomfortable to the point that you need to reintegrate certain things you’ve cut?

You may have decided to cut all cable, internet, and cell phone, only to realize that you do need wireless at home and some sort of mobile communication. It’s beneficial to constantly re-evaluate your position and your needs. Start considering your purchases and your cuts with the same weight.

Frugality is a lifestyle, and it’s not going to work as such if you institute an existence that is uncomfortable or that you flat out can’t stand. Even if you’re enjoying your newfound life, jumping into extremes without consideration can start a financial version of binging and purging, expensive and disturbing.

*If you are unemployed, out of savings, heavily in debt, struggling to survive, etc., disregard this step. Extremes may be uncomfortable, but keep slashing and you’ll survive. There is very little, if any, time for disillusionment or sorrow. Besides, you might find a simple life suits you.

Photo Courtesy of StarMama