Good Morning Everyone.  I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy Holiday Season. Today is the next post in our “Home for the Holidays” series. It’s Monday December 26th and that means that today is Boxing Day. It’s time for everyone to visit their favourite stores in hopes of finding the best deals and discounts on their favourite items.  I am not a huge fan of Boxing Day shopping because I don’t like waiting in line and I definitely don’t like to be pushed around in big crowds.  However, I do still visit my favourite stores during Boxing Day week because the deals and discounts are too great to miss.

The Cons of Shopping on Boxing Day

My Father always says that we should never shop on Boxing Day because the holidays are about spending time with family not about shopping. My Father always tells us that if no one shopped on Boxing Day then stores wouldn’t be open and the Sales Associates could spend another day with their families, after all isn’t that what the holidays are really all about?

If you work in an office then you probably have the luxury of having an extra day off during the holidays on Boxing Day.  Shouldn’t the Sales Associates in retail stores be afforded the same luxury?  I know that getting good discounts on our favourite items at our favourite stores is tempting but I am sure that we can all wait one more day.

The Pros of Shopping on Boxing Day

I am a sucker for a good deal as long as I need the item.  Spending money carelessly on items that I want but do not need was the old me.  After changing my money mentality to become a saver and not a spender the new me always thinks twice before I spend any money, even if the item is on sale.

I love the excitement and the idea of shopping on Boxing Day.  It is very fulfilling to know that I am receiving a discount of up to 70% off of my favourite items.  However even spending 30% of the cost on an item is still wasted money if we don’t need the item.

During Boxing Day week I like to purchase specialty items that only come out during the holidays and then go on sale on Boxing Day because the stores need to liquidate them.  Such items include holiday scented hand soaps, body wash, room sprays, and fragrant oils.  These are items that I can use all year round so it’s great to get them on a discount. I do not shop on the day of December 26th, but I do shop during the week of Boxing Day.  I usually like to shop on December 29th or December 30th because most stores still have their annual Boxing Day sales but the crowds are a lot smaller.

Are you going out Boxing Day Shopping today?

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Tahnya Kristina

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