The world of financial independence requires building a credit score, which for most young adults typically requires using credit cards.  But a good credit score is rewarded using a credit card responsibly without exceeding a budget.  This allows you to pay your debts off on time and avoid higher interest payments – otherwise, you can remain financially dependent for years.
One of the ways to keep credit card balances from getting out of control is to ensure you get the lowest credit card interest rate you can leverage.  A lower credit card rate can literally save hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year, which is especially important for young adults.  Instead of spending money on higher volumes of interest, you can put that money away into a savings account to prepare for the future.
In the past, the credit card application process was very time consuming, and in many ways costs you as an applicant more money than is necessary.  This application process has been revolutionized by the internet, which reduces the amount of your personal time necessary to apply for your credit card. You can now compare credit cards on in order to find the best possible interest rate without having to spend so much of your personal time in a back and forth negotiation with providers.
In addition to saving you time, online credit card applications can also save you money compared to the traditional application process.  Credit card companies believe young applicants are naïve about personal finance, and dictate what they feel is a justifiable interest rate even if you can acquire a lower rate.  However by applying online you have information from multiple providers at your fingertips, placing the control in your hands.
On, there are various types of credit cards issued by some of the country’s leading providers such as Discover and Iberiabank.  Credit cards are categorized based on low interest, rewards cards, and even cards specifically for students.  This categorization simplifies the application process to help you find the best credit card with the greatest amount of benefits to address your individual needs.
The internet is an invaluable tool, and can help you make financially responsible decisions to save you time and money while you build your credit score.

Jake Evans
Jake Evans