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Your car is probably one of the most expensive purchases you will make. However, the costs of owning a car can sometimes be a shock when you don’t factor it into that sticker price of the car. Gas, repairs, and insurance are a few of the incidentals that make owning a car more expensive. Luckily, there are ways to reduce your car’s everyday costs. Here a few money saving tips to help you cut down your auto expenses.

Avoid Accelerating Quickly

Fuel is a regular and unavoidable costs of owning car. However, there are ways you can decrease the amount of money you spend on gas. Increasing your car’s fuel efficiency is a way to increase your fuel mileage. Instead of pulling away from a traffic light quickly, slowly build speed when the light changes to green. The slow acceleration will lower the amount of fuel your car consumes. Another trick to limit your fuel consumption is to use cruise control when driving on the highway. Driving at a consistent speed also increases your fuel mileage.

Purchase Gas during Off-Times of the Week

The time of day you purchase your gas can also affect the cost of fuel. Try to avoid getting gas on the weekends. Some gas stations increase the cost of fuel to take advantage of the fact that there are more drivers on the weekend. Try to refuel on Wednesday and Thursday before 10 a.m. The weekend gas prices tend to take effect after 10 am on Thursdays.

And if gas prices are really burning a hole in your expenses, there’s always the option of considering something that guzzles less gas. Hybrids such as the Toyota Prius or the hybrid model of the Ford Fusion have become increasingly affordable. And with more and more manufacturers producing hybrids there are plenty of options.

Increase Your Insurance Deductible

Your car insurance does not have to remain at the same rate. There are ways to save money on your monthly insurance expenses. One way the amount you pay is by raising your deductible. Increasing the amount of money you pay for accidents will lower your overall insurance costs. The only downside to an increased deductible is that you will pay more if you get in an accident.

Inquire About a Discount

Ask for discounts. Some insurance companies offer discounts for having multiple cars on your policy, having a safe driving record and offer senior citizen discounts. If you have a good relationship with your insurer and have been a long-time, loyal customer, the insurance company may give you a price break.

Do Not Ignore Any Signs of Car Problems

It is better to have your car looked at when a maintenance light appears than drive around and ignore the light. The appearance of a light may be due to some type of mechanical error or it could indicate the initial stages of a serious problem. While it may cost you money to have your car checked, you may save money in the long run. Ignoring a problem could exacerbate the situation and result in a very expensive repair costs.

Owning a car is a great convenience. However, the expenses that come with owning an automobile can be an inconvenience on a person’s financial situation. Following these tips will help to decrease those overall costs, allowing you to spend money on other things.

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