It’s not just homeowner’s who can do their bit for the environment, you know. Business owners can do too, whilst also saving money if they chose to receive commercial gas from British Gas. While heating your business premises is a pre-requisite that can’t be ignored (after all, your staff need to be warm and have access to hot water), there are plenty of ways in which you can save on the gas bill. With an array of tips on how to use less energy being available online, you can easily learn of further ideas in which to lower your bills while also being kind to the environment. The main thing you need to do, once you know what to do, is to make sure you staff are on board. Implementing staff initiatives and incentive schemes can be an excellent way in which to encourage them to do their bit which will, in turn, help you.


Before you whizz off and compare the various commerical gas tariffs that are available for businesses, take a look at some of these superb ways in which to cut back on your energy use whilst in the office.


  • Change the light blubs to energy-efficient ones is a fairly obvious one that doesn’t require ongoing efforts.
  • Changing the lighting to movement-sensored, so that when not in use, they will turn off. This is particularly useful for corridors, stairwells and hallways that are used intermittently.
  • Encourage staff to switch off the lights after use. Kitchens, bathrooms and storage rooms don’t need to have lighting on throughout the day – add an incentive so that they will be more inclined to contribute to the energy saving mission.
  • Put equipment into low-energy states when not in use.
  • Upgrade electrical appliances, such as printers, computers and photocopiers, to newer models that are inherently more energy-efficient.
  • Switch lighting and appliances off at the end of the day, unless they need to remain on.
  • During the summer months, turn the thermostat down by 1 degree, or switch the radiators off if the office is naturally warm. This can save huge amounts on energy bills. If you benefit from plenty of windows, use them for the natural light that they allow in rather than using lighting that isn’t required.


There are plenty of ways in which you can cut down on your energy consumption without spending a great deal on improvements. Be green this summer and put in place an action plan that will help save you cash as well as contibute towards saving the planet.

Jake Evans
Jake Evans