Yesterday Mass Effect 3 was released – I’ve been waiting for this release since I finished the 2nd game a couple of years ago. I’ve followed the series and I’m excited and a bit sad to see this trilogy end. I’ve already imported one of my characters and I’m playing through the game.

My husband and I are gamers while trying to be frugal for the most part. Since I know many college students and graduates enjoy a good game, but are on a fixed budget; I thought sharing some tips would be helpful.

Buying Videos Games Cheaplyxbox console and games

Mass Effect is the exception, not the rule when it comes to our video game purchases. With Mass Effect, I loved the first game so much I pre-ordered the second one. After the second one continued giving a great story-line and game-play, I pre-ordered the third.

Don’t Buy the Latest Games as They’re Released, Go Platinum Instead

Typically we wait until a game has been out for a bit (perhaps 6 months or so) to take advantage of the lower, used game prices. We’ve even waited until they become Platinum hits ($15 or less). We rely on friends’ personal reviews to get an idea if we should check out a game or not. I tend to gravitate towards RPGs and my husband has a wider net of games he enjoys.

When we were first married there was a fantastic second hand game store in the area that we checked out on a regular basis. Not only were the games and movies in great condition, the store had a great exchange policy. It was a wonderful way for us to have cheap entertainment on a fixed budget.

Go Let off Some Steam with Video Games

If you love to play games on your laptop, another great option for games is the website Steam. I’ve bought some of my favorite games growing up, like the X-Com series at a fraction of the original price. You download these games and they’re tied to your account, so you can play at home or while you’re on the go (connected to the web though). at the beginning of this year they had over 1,500 games available and counting.

True, these games have been out for a bit, but they’re just as addictive as when they were first released. I’ve picked up several games in a bundle for $14.99 during a sale. It’s a solid deal for those who want cheap entertainment.

Thoughts on Buying Video Games and Electronics

How do you save money on picking up video games? Which console do you play on or do you use the PC/Mac? Which titles are your favorites? Which have been major disappointments? How do you keep your spending in check?

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Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez