Ok, so we finally mailed the paperwork to rollover my husband’s 401(k) into a Vanguard Roth IRA. The actual process took around total of 30 minutes. Sending out the paperwork? Over 2 weeks. We want to make sure his retirement investing goes further as we rollover his 401k account. 

Don't sit around; rollover your 401(k). It's quick and easy.

Here’s how we rolled over my husband’s 401(k) into a Roth IRA:

Organized his old account’s paperwork. Before you rollover a 401(k) account, make sure you have the old account information by your side to save some time. I was still missing some information, so I also had to log in to the old account’s website.

Opened An Account At Vanguard. We went to Vanguard’s to start the process. You can fill out the paperwork online, but you have to print, sign, and mail it.

Chose Initial Investments.  Vanguard has wonderful index funds to choose from that are low cost and perform well long term.

Took 17 days to mail the paperwork. Someimes you’re just your own worst enemy.

Lesson learned

If you’ve been putting off getting your finances in order, get it down now. Don’t wait like we did.

Photo Credit: Strevo