Well, the good news is we’re here in Orlando, Florida.  It jut took longer than we liked to get here. Tuesday night we picked up the rental. I took care of a last minute errand with the car (mistake) and on my way home it got a flat. Good thing was I was across the street from our place, so my husband came out to help.

I called the rental car company to see how we could get this fixed so we could still leave on time (4am was our goal). It was a $50-70 charge to get someone to put a spare on and then we either had to pay out of pocket and get a shop to fix it or turn in the car and the rental company would charge us the fee.  Considering that they charged $6.99/gallon for gas, we decided to find a shop ourselves  in the morning. It would be at least a four hour delay, but the cost would be too much.

Photo Credit: JeffWilcox

We called my insurance company to see if they could help, but 24hour road side assistence is not in our policy.

Lesson: Check your insurance policy before renting a vehicle.

Morning came and we went to two shops 8am and both of them didn’t carry the specific tire size. We left a message with the company and we were told the manager was out for the moment and would callus back for a quote on the amount. We saw another tire place and decided to give it a try. They had it and the car was fixed in under 10 minutes. We hopped on th road, a mere 5 hours later than planned.

We got here at around 9:45pm and then we had to find our hotel. I like the room, it has a mini kitchen and space.  After settlingin for a few minutes we went to the local Wal-mart and got some food to stock up on.  We want to have a good time with dinners, shows, parks, etc, so we decided to save on our breakfasts.

Right now here’s how we’re doing with our vacation:

  • $55– on car tire repair that was not anticipated
  • $14.75-Wal-mart on expected items

We’re finishing up on breakfast and we’re going to do some sight seeing. Have fun!