It’s Monday, which means it another installment of the Rich College Student series.

Student discounts are a wonderful to maintain certain quality of life without being charged full price for it. Make it a habit to carry it around. There may be discounts that you discover along the way.

Banks: Banks and credit unions today offer student checking accounts which have no minimum balance. That can be an advantage as you’ll likely have a more lean budget and little money ‘leftover’ (after paying your savings account first).

  • Car Insurance: by now, you probably know that if you’re a student you can get a 10% discount with many companies for having good grades. Check with your local agent to see what the grade cut off is for them.
  • Culture: Museums usually offer a discount for student. I read an article in New York City where the front row seats for Young Frankenstein is only $25 for students and $450 regular price! An extreme example, but the point is you can really have a unique and classy experience with your student budget.
  • Local Shops: Typically store around universities off discounts for students. It’s around 105, but that can add up fairly quickly if it’s a good shop or restaurant.
  • Movies: Usually movie theaters charge students the matinee price if they have their IDs with them. Some colleges have free or $1 movies on campus. You just have to bring your ID to verify your student status.
  • Tech Store: Many universities have a tech store which offers substantial discounts on software and hardware. My school offers Microsoft Office Professional 2007 for only $99! It was a fantastic deal. You might want to grab the latest edition before you graduate.

Some people may be embarrassed to use their discount, but there really is no need. Would you turn down someone if they gave you $5-10? I hope you’d say no. I’d take it because I earned it.  It’s not like it’s completely free, after all I wouldn’t get this discount if tuition wasn’t paid. Think of that next time you get nervous.

If you know of any other discounts you can get with a student ID, please let me know. I’d like to see what you do to save money.

Photo Credit: said&done