My birthday is in April, and last year I took the time to sign up with some restaurants to get restaurant freebies.

This year, without doing anything, I received several e-mails from the restaurants I signed up with last year offering me free food. For instance, get a free sub value meal from Subway when you buy another one, get a free Gourmet burger of my choice at Red Robin, get a free drink at Caribou Coffee, etc. Most of these offers are valid for 30 days.

I did more research this year, and found there are a slew of restaurants offering these types of freebies. When you sign up all the members of your family, you could be looking at quite a few freebies.

If you haven’t done this before, check out Frugal Living TVs link for a list of over 90 restaurants that offer free food on your birthday (or your birthday month).

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