Actually, that’s not true.  Among my many New Year’s Resolutions one of them is not to quit my job.  I actually really love my current job.  However, a New Year’s Resolution for some of us may be to find a better paying job, or find a job that we will enjoy more than our current job.

There are several reasons why people may quit their current job, such as a lack of growth opportunities in the company, the job may be outside of their career path or professional field, as well as the location of the company and/or the travelling distance from home may be too long. Among the several reasons why people may quit their job, lack of money is probably the number one reason.  We often quit our current job for a better paying job.

Why did you quit your last job?

These are all valid reasons to quit our job and start searching for a new opportunity.  However, we must make a distinction between good reasons to quit our job and reasons that just make us not like our current job.  One major reason to dislike our job, but not a valid reason to quit our job is a nasty co-worker.  Every workplace will have one or two bad seeds.  We shouldn’t let someone else get in the way of our career.  We should just focus on our self and our personal goals.

If your New Year’s Resolution is to quit your job, here are some tips to remember on your way out the door.

Don’t quit without another job.  We should never quit a job (no matter how much we hate it) until we find another job. It is a tough economy, and it is an even tougher job market.  If we aren’t satisfied with our current job, for whatever the reason, we definitely shouldn’t quit our current job until we have another guaranteed offer. Even if you are at your breaking point, grin and bear it until you find another job.  Being unemployed is not going to pay our monthly bills.

Always give two weeks notice.  When we quit our job we have probably reached our breaking point.  However, we have to remember to remain professional.  It is always the right thing to give 2 weeks notice whenever we leave a job.

Be Honest.  When we give two weeks notice to our boss he/she will probably ask us the reason why we are leaving.  We should be honest and tell them the truth.  If we are leaving for a better paying job then we should be honest with our boss. 

Always Smile and Shake hands.  We don’t want to burn our bridges when we leave an employer, in case another opportunity comes up in the future.  We should thank our employer for our time as an employee. Always smile and shake hands with our direct manager, as well as their manager if it is possible.

Be classy, and leave with your head held high.  On our way out the door we should walk out with class. We may be asking our self “Why didn’t they try harder to keep me as an employee?  Was I not a good worker?” We just need to remember that we are moving on to a bigger and better career opportunity.  Once we walk out the door, the past is behind us.

Photo by Mmcnier