It’s Friday and I’m home waiting to get our relatively new HDTV fixed. It’s no charge, but I’m a little upset since Proscan took weeks to get this organized, but hopefully this will be over today. I’m sure some are tired of me tweeting about it.

Since I’m at home, I decided to get some cleaning down. I don’t enjoy cleaning, but I hate a dirty place more, so I just wrote out my to do list and I’m knocking it out piece by piece. Oven cleaning is still nasty; I wish the had some less harsh than that spray.

Don’t worry, I will not leave my husband out on the fun. He has the joy of cleaning the fridge. Next on my list is cleaning up some clutter, so naturally I’m taking a break to write about it. 🙂

Since the plan is to move in 2 months or so, I wanted to make the move easy. As you may have noticed, I tend to use moves as an excuse to remove a lot of clutter and junk. Here are some ideas from my last post on cleaning up along with some additional thoughts.

What can you do with your unwanted goods?

1. Have a garage sale. This option can put a few extra dollars in your pocket, which is always handy during a move.  An alternative to this choice is putting items up on E-Bay or Craigslist and having people buy the items.

2. Donate. I personally like this option.  I’ll look at what options they have around here. I’d like our clothes to directly go towards a shelter.

3. Trash/Recycle it. This an easy, but wasteful option for some items. I’ll save this for paperwork and unusable items.

De-Clutter Game Plan

Here is what we have to deal with in the next few months.

Old  software and video games: There are still a number of games we no longer play in the office. There is still Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Me hanging around. We have some games from 11 years ago like Decent: Freespace and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. I will say that my husband does a great job taking care of his old games.

Movies/Videos (VHS): We don’t have a VHS player and since I have my Start Trek Voyager series on DVD, I should get rid of the duplicates on video.

Old computers: I really hate calling out people, but this is all my husband. Our office closet has become the graveyard of some old computers.  Supposedly they have information on their hard drives that are important, but that hasn’t been done in almost 3 years of marriage. Hmm..actually that was a lot of fun to call him out.

Old magazines laying around: I tend to grab magazines for trips to read. They’re being thrown away.

Clothes: Besides being ripped, some clothes are just too small. Donating all the cloths in good condition and using some torn shirts as cleaning rags.

Paperwork: I’m going to go through the file cabinent this weekend with my husband and we’re going to clean out unnecessary records. If you’re looking at what to keep and what to toss, Dolans has a list.

Your Take

How about you? What clutter do you have lying around? How often do you clean/get rid of  old items?